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AIMSs Assessment Procedure
Ameriacan Institute of Resourse Developemt - Sample Examination Materials
Our assessment procedure is simple and easy to understand. It is to note that to obtain any of our qualifications candidates can either sit for written examinations or submit coursework. If a learner chooses to submit coursework or assignments, they should read AIMS's Course-specific Resources, study our recommended text books on this unit and do their own research. It is mandatory that a learner cover all learning outcomes set on a particular subject. Finally, learners should prepare an assignment containing at least 3000 words and submit to the course teacher. All coursework will be externally verified by qualified verifiers.
Alternatively, learners can choose to sit for a 3-hour long written examination on each module. Please note that AIMS will supply examination papers that will contribute the final mark for each student. It is a fact that all examination papers are externally set, marked and moderated. For more details, learners should go through AIMS's student handbook developed on each qualification.
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